What do You do After Being a Supreme Court Justice?


If anyone is entitled to ‘rest on their laurels,’ it would be former supreme court justice, Sandra Day O’Connor. The first woman appointed to the bench by President Reagan, retired after twenty-five years to caretake her husband with Alzheimer’s. Since his death in 2009, O’Connor has resumed a life filled with activity and passion. When asked why she doesn’t just take it easy, … [Read more...]

Work or Start a Business With Plants, Nature and the Environment

Start a business with plants

It's common for retirees to embrace nature in retirement.  For some, that passion for nature, plants and the environment leads to work or starting a business.  Here are stories of people who recreated their lifes in a whole new way around a passion for nature and the environment. Passion for Sustainability Leads to Retirement Work Gina’s began Mrs. Green’s World as she was learning more … [Read more...]

Volunteer With Plants, Nature and the Environment

Volunteer  Plants and Nature

There are so many opportunities to make a difference in the world.  Nature and plants have a special place for us as we get older.  The need to protect the environment is part of their legacy for many retirees.  Whether it's in your own back yard or around the world, if you have a passion for this area, there a ways you can get involved.  The stories we share here are how others have made … [Read more...]

Leisure And Travel With Plants, Nature and the Environment

Leisure with Plants and Nature

There isn't anything like a walk in a park or growing your own fresh tomatoes.  Retirment for many is a time to connect with nature.  Growing a garden is one of the most popular leisure activites as we age.  Whether it's vegetables or flowers, it's both pleasurable and rewarding.   As people travel around the country and world, visiting gardens and nature are popular destinations as we … [Read more...]

Do You Know Why You Exercise?

Have you considered why you exercise, or don’t, for that matter? When you think about it, we do everything for one reason or another. Conversely, there’s a reason why we don’t do something. It’s important to know why you do or don’t engage in exercise. According to the Harvard Medical School, there are four reasons people exercise. Whether you like it or not, you need physical … [Read more...]

Volunteer Overseas with Globe Aware


Globe Aware is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit US and Canadian charity that organizes and leads one week volunteer vacations in 17 countries around the world. The organization caters to adults of all ages. They have no political or religious affiliation. They combine the adventure of traveling with the joy of volunteering in needy communities by working side by side with locals, as equals, on projects … [Read more...]

Does Physical Activity Improve Mental Functioning?

By now, you know that physical activity is not only important, but also critical to a healthy body. Did you know that exercise also improves mental functioning? Because it’s more difficult to measure mental improvement, researchers have been reluctant to tout the brain benefits of physical activity. According to the Harvard Medical Review, researchers have determined that moderate aerobic … [Read more...]

Recycled Bicycles Have New Life in Guatemala

Pedal Power

Many children get their first mechanical experience working on a bicycle. If you have mechanical ability, it can be used to help the people in San Andrés Itzapa, Guatemala. Largely descendents of the Mayans, these people are developing sustainability using pedal power or "Bicimaquinas,” which converts old bicycles to power small appliances, such as a blender, water pump, coffee roaster machine … [Read more...]

Anger Affects Your Health


All of us feel angry at some point in our lives.  You may get irritated by losing out on a job promotion, become upset when your children fight or feel your blood boil when your partner makes a nasty remark.  Anger is a normal emotion that plays a large role in your emotional health.  Most of us automatically associate all kinds of negative thoughts when we see the word anger.  This is … [Read more...]

Life Lessons Learned with Small Adventures

An interview with Bill Birnbaum, Author of, “A Lifetime of Small Adventures” Question: The subtitle of your book suggests that you present, Stories of Adventure, Misadventure and Lessons Learned Along the Way. Regarding those life lessons learned along the way, could you give us an example? Answer: Perhaps the most important life lesson learned is that each of us has the ability to, in … [Read more...]