New Aging

What is your idea of human aging? At the beginning of the twentieth century, the senior experience consisted of working until you died or became too sick to work and then your family took care of you. Social security entered the picture and the idea of rocking on the front porch watching the world go by became the image of aging. The last half of the twentieth century presented a picture of carefree seniors spending endless days isolated in retirement homes communities in Florida and Arizona playing golf and shuffleboard. Aging through the Ages illustrates the changes that have occurred. A new image is starting to emerge as the boomer generation approaches retirement and a new aging theory. Retirement Life Matters is leading the conversation about New Aging. The Opportunity of a New Third Age and The Sciences of Happiness explore senior research to expand your vision for your life. Whether retirement is many years away or you recently received your gold watch, the center senior experience is explained in The Five Phases of Retirement. With our expanded lives, a new world for the living senior is unfolding. Welcome to the Third Age shows you how this isn't your parents retirement.