Finding Spiritual Connection

One of the ways to minimize the fear of getting older is to find a sense of spiritual connection. As we get older, many of the things we valued when we were younger are not as important. The following is adapted from an article I read by Marianne Williamson.

Whether you engage in a traditional religion or experience a broader sense of spirituality, you can use the following to help find a greater sense of peace and spiritual connection.

Recognize your Creator. Regardless of what you call it, be aware of a universal power that is bigger and more powerful than you. This makes you feel humble.

Seek ways to put more love in your life. Commit to being a conduit of love in the world. This extends to the people who know, as well as all of those you don’t. Try to be a source of compassion and kindness. This makes you loving and lovable.

Spend time in spiritual reflection and contemplation. Find time to be quiet without any distractions. Whether you pray, meditate, or read inspiring works, connect to the divine. Ideally, you want to spend both time in the morning and in the evening in this practice. This makes you strong.

Become more accepting. When you encounter others, practice not judging. Recognize each and every one is doing the best they can, even when they aren’t. Try to be more accepting. This makes you gracious.

Forgive. Find a way to forgive others, and most importantly, yourself. This makes you kind.

Recognize your mistakes. Admit when you were wrong and be willing to correct whatever you can to make it right. This will make you responsible.

Be aware of your thoughts and behaviors. At the end of each day, reflect on where you were negative, withheld love or acting in anyway you weren’t proud. This makes you grow.

Bless the world and everyone in it. In addition to praying for yourself, take time to bless the others you share this world with. This makes you beautiful.

Be your best in each interaction. Strive to be the best of who you are in all your encounters and experiences. This makes you a conduit of God’s love.

Spiritual connection becomes more important as people get older. These simple tips can help regardless of your religious orientation.

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