Need Social Security Information: Go Online First

It used to be that if you wanted social security information, you had to head towards your nearest SSI office. Not anymore. In an effort to meet the needs of the onslaught of retirement-age baby boomers, Social Security online services are improving.

Do you want to find out what benefits you may be eligible? There is a benefits eligibility screening tool that lets you find out what you are eligible for and then you can apply online. In addition, you can apply for spouses benefits, Social Security disability benefits, Medicare Benefits, and extra help for you medicare prescription drug costs. You may also appeal a decision that is being denied with the Social Security Administration.

Would you like to know your future benefits from Social Security? You can get that information online.

Would you like direct deposit of your Social Security checks? You can sign up online for direct deposit.

Would you like to change your address and/or phone number? Would you like to request a replacement Social Security Card or Medicare card?  You can do these online.

If you’d like to find out about your local social security office, where it is, what hours it’s open and to get email updates, you can sign up at Social Security online.

Finally, there are a number of forms you can download and print out that are available online. The website is secure and safe for your social security needs.

Access Social Security Online and learn more at:

By Frank Brand